Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brazilian Buffet

So it looks like my goal of posting at least once per week has already gone out the window. I have been super busy at work and continue to travel on weekends. Before our travels to Gardner, Massachusetts two weeks ago, Daniel and I stopped at a Brazilian place in Bridgeport, CT. It is called Pantanal Restaurant and Churrascaria and it was really tasty! Not only was it tasty, but it was also super reasonable. Daniel and I had dinner, a beer each and dessert all for under $30! We will definitely be going back to Pantanal! I got a place filled to the brim. I started at the salad bar and got some greens with beets, cucumbers, and topped it with French dressing. Then I hit up the plantains and rice. I love plantains! Can't get enough. Next it was time to get some meat. I was a little ambitious with the sausage and ended up sharing some with Daniel. He didn't complain. I also got some brisket. The brisket was delicious. They asked if I wanted the fat cut off and I kept it on. I think when we go back, I would ask them to hold the fat. After dinner, we had a coconut dessert. I'm not sure what it was called, but it just tasted like coconut and caramel. Yum! Can't wait to go back to this Brazilian spot.

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